All of us are made of an individual and untransferable essence, which has its own emotions and forms of living everything that happens in our lives. Everything external is susceptible to invade us, to fill us, to afect us, to energize us or to exhaust us. And although we remain the same person, we are never the same. And even if we continue to risk loving, we are really unbeatable.

Air is who it is inside, so there is nothing that can limit the interior itself that always runs free. And yet, there is always someone who convinces himself that he or she can transform whatever is of the other, into whatever he or she wants or suits. The word to call this is nonsense.It´s not possible. Someone demands, someone yields. Someones asks someone gives. Someone complains someone receives that negativity… Someone is loving. Someone is not.

So love asks loudly that the next time someone approaches to love, just do that. Love. Love is not a businee, nor an interest, nor a claim, nor a subordination. Love is just love. And since it´s just love, it´s greatly, majestically just that, love.

There is nothing else. If it´s love, it´s just love. If not, it is not love. While I wait for my friend to come to take a tea together in this city, I have remembered the times that I have seen over my sharp knives among the people around me. And I´ve wondered all those times if it was necessary to go so far. And the answer has always been no.

It is always posible to wait a little longer. Have some more patience. Do not respond defensively if one feels attacked. Show understanding of each other´s situation. Do not make a sharply answer even if one is tired. And above all, never start a war against anyone, or anything. I wars there are only losers. Even one is sure that you are not being treated as you deserve.

There are many things that love can do, especially to make everything always go excellently well. It has an intricate and not infrequent way of acting, but it always succeeds. He always ends up being the winner. A winner who will not be able to help you if you put it aside and replace it with anything else.

And when one really practices the thing of love, he knows how to recognize without any doubt what is not love. And he also knows how to follow his own intuition and not confront, move away, and if posible, not come back to where he is not treated well.

     So above all and in spite of everything, love would say that if you are not going to just love me, don´t come near, don´t look for me, and you don´t have to come here. You will not get anything and I have no time to lose.


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