Those of us who have Libra rising, in fact we are always unbalanced to achieve the perfect balance. And just as the old merchants did, one weighs one thing in a dish and then weighs another thing in the other, and in the end, decides the option that seems to best fit your own ideas, strategies, or interests. Due to these changes, honesty is the key to moving forward without leaving a bad mark, but even with this principle, too many times the advance becomes very uphill.

   The balance is not only sought and tried to achieve within itself, but also in anything outside. Thus, a harmonious landscape, a meal of mixed flavors in its right measure, facades of buildings provided, tidy romos, or  pleasant external appearance is sought.

Based on the above, there are places, circumstances and people that generate a harmonic vibration that is tremendously attractive. And one wants to approach to share that quality of balance. Because there is beauty in many things, but also and above all, in something that has finally managed to balance.

Given the difficulties in weighing a balance, especially for those who must be weighing all the time, it is much more worthwhile to appear balanced in society. You have to recognize it. My changes are anthological and my ability to float like a feather between conflicts and declared enemies- even when the want to put me directly in the conflict- while everyone runs to position themselves as crazy, too.

     I understand that everyone gets bored when I finally never position myself and don´t play in wars because I am too busy with my internal game of changes. And if I ever decide on any side, it is a pure obligation. And I´m never crazy about it, and as son as I can, I give the reason to the other side, especially if it has one.

There is nothing worse for someone who spends her life balancing her own balance than one who is forced to always opt for an option. The same option over and over again. It is not posible. At the end of the day, experts in balancing ourselves sometimes cannot position even on our own side. So how are we going to position ourselves with the same someone from outside.


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