In a tangible world like the one we live in, the material is what serves because it is what can be compared, said and communicated. And all these are things that can be heard, commented or with respect one can position oneself as agreeing or not. Because of this, what is not material seems as if it did not exist. Because it does not have any application that thing that one is thinking and it is impractical not to be focused on everyday life, with its small and big things.

Now, behind any substantial, solid and well argued opinión, there is always an idea that someone had and dared to let out of his mind. So linearity is going in the opposite direction to what we think it is. And it turns out that the physical, the material and the blunt, always comes behind ideas, dreams and swings.

And being realistic, the nonvisible has more reality than the visible. Or at least, let´s grant it the benefit of the doubt. It is posible that nothing bad happens to us by hearing that idea that shocks us so much, or by beginning top ay more attention to the content of what it is said, instead of to the person who says it. That would be like getting an honors in realism.

What does not go unnoticed is that in the end, the intangible always ends up affecting everything, impacting every thing and making changes that could reach forms and speed difficult to follow for our five senses. But applying that five senses, we will have to begin to realice how an idea can change everything in a matter of seconds. It is an optimal way to start being really blunt and pragmatics.

It is the wake itself that guides everyone in their life and what better to know this for when their own spirituality appears. So, we can take it into account at least enough time to know how it is inside before burying any possibility of realism, being pragmatic.

In anycase, always having the option to win, as a dreamer how not to become a winner.  It is the only thing left to be in this material world.

Thank you all for reading my words and have a happy Sunday!


“The best things in life are free. The second best too expensive” Coco Channel


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