Sometimes it happens that one does not identify with his zodiac sign and this can generate a disbelief regarding the astrological issue. However, this can change if you find out which one is your Rising Sign. To do this, you must know your exact date and time of birth.

The Ascendant is the Sign of the Zodiac that rises across the horizon at the exact momento of birth itself. And sometimes it has an influence superior to that of the Sign itself. This means that everything that your Ascendant means will have an impact on you and your life, whether you know it or not.

In addition to the Rising Sign, the Moon also has a notable influence on the astral chart. To clarify this question, the sign would correspond to who one is, the Ascendant is the way in which others see us, and de Moon itself, the emotional needs. Now all, this is not so simple.

The Ascendent Sign can blur more or less the characteristics of the Sun Sign, dependending on the similarity between them. The similarities have to do mainly with the fact of whether or not they belong to the same triad with respect to the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Sea. Thus, if your Sun Sign is Aries, sign of Fire, an Ascendant in Leo, which belongs to the same triad, will enhance arian qualities more than a sign from another triad.

Actually, the Ascendant is much more than the way others see us. It has an internal dimensión that would influence the way of perceiving the different circumstances and social and vital situations. It would also influence how one values or scales the different situations and people. As well as the way you have to think about everything when it happens and what you want in life.

The Ascendant is what one must learn in life. But this does not mean that one should learn how to have those characteristics, because you already have them. Rather, the kind of lessons that have to be assimilated to achieve an adequate personal development that must start precisely from the ascendant who is who one is. This happens because in the astral chart of many people, the ascendant is much more important than the sign itself, especially after 30 years of age. Despite this, what will really attract others to you – or not -from the beginning, will be your Ascendant.

The Risign Sign also determines the physical appearance. It is the first thing that others see in you. It is the first impression that you cause in others. But not only that, but also the way of thinking and focusing the different problems. Its influence is also appreciated in the nature of the interactions you have with others. In that world of micro communications and micro messages, the Ascendant is the vehicle in which you go. And depending on how that Ascendant is, so you can process, expresss and resolve, or not, conflicts.

As for the appearance, the Rising Sign influences not only the physicial, but also how you show your own personality, what you say, and the paraverbal aspects of your speech. All this configures both what you seem to be and how you react to the world.

In addition, the Ascendant explains what attracts to others to you. That is, the reasons why people approach you and what makes them fall in love with you. It also explains how is your own way of approaching others and in turn getting them to fall in love with you.

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