Everything that has already been devised and applied, must be monitored and analyzed continuously to keep it working well. And in This field, there are many types of minds that are working to maintain the status quo of what has already been elaborated and therefore is inside the box. This allows what is already invented and implemented to work to the millimeter and almost perfectly, like a machine. However, there are people whose perspective and way of seeing and interpreting reality tends more to a creative and divergent approach. And for these subjects, the legislative style, sentinel of norms, purely logical or even the executive that manages these norms, does not fit them in any way. They are those who think outside the box.

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There are subjects that have a more divergent and creative approach

According to the Myers-Briggs classification, subjects who adopt a creative approach would be within the so-called intuitive types. The application of this intuition can be seen in literatura, art, music, architecture, inventions, or ideologues that generate social changes. Thanks to the ideas of these people, transformation processes in society are possible. Since they are dedicated to creating new paths and giving solutions to both the problems already created and to the new ones. Thus, the former reformulate them if necessary to make them resolvable and the latter elaborate them even from nothing.

The function of intuition is crucial for human development. And it happens that when you tend to generate your own ideas rather than reproduce those of others, you have the feeling of moving forward in a vacuum. And, although at last one does not stumble upon postulates or limits, the path of creativity is often a hard way to go. And it also happens that when an idea has not yet materialized, the process that separates the ideation from its application can be tremendously arduous. That is why society has to learn to be more generous with creative minds.

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The new architectural creations generate new and interesting spaces in which one can create and progress.

In any case, what has already been created needs to be always open to a new perspective to breathe and renew. And that is where the work of the creators is, who do not legislate or take care of the status quo, but who do legislate when they implement their ideas, and who do take care of the status quo when they force reality to progress, so that the previously devised formula remain viable. And This type of dynamics is where you can see how different perspectives can complement each other to produce sustainable progress.

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When legislators, guardians of standars, executives and creatives agree, ecosystems that integrate ecological needs with sustainable development can be achieved.

And we should remember that since an idea appears until its application,it is necessary to go through a creative process. And that a process is not something punctual, nor a state, nor an insight, nor a partial achievement, but the fact of transmorming something existing into something much better that only the vision of an intuitive mind can see. And This applied both in the field of arts, as in literatura, architecture, music, engineering, business or health. And the reality is that there is still much to do in many areas and points of the planet in which intuitive and creative minds are needed.

So, if you are focused on creation, progress and innovation, remember to enjoy the process. I believe that the process of a creative mind never ends. So if you don´t enjoy it, everything would be lost. Don´t let it happen.

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Intuitive and creative minds move the world

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