Every day you usually do a lot of things, so most of the times you end feeling overwhelmed. The real problem is that most of us want to do everything very quickly, and also very well, so our day goes by jumping from one activity to another. But at the end of the day, one ends up thinking if all that job has really been productive. What happens is that in the end, when one recounts what have been done, one begins to think that everything have been a wasting time. Even sometimes it is as if one simply got to work and forgot one´s own and more important goals that wanted to achieve in the first place.

The issue is that in everyday life, there are too many activities, commitments and pressures. And living in this daily tension will not always make you achieve your true goals.

For all the foregoing reasons, it´s essential to learn how to optimize day to day to improve one´s productivity and therefore, the achievement of one´s goals. So, it´s important to start to have more control over everything one do throughout the day, to assess those things in order to decide if you want – or not- continuing doing the same, and rethink what daily goals would allow you to achieve the long term ones.

To get to this point, you should ask yourself the following questions:

– What I want to do and why during the day.

– If there would be any way to organize the above to achieve more with less effort.

– How to do not end up so tired and instead, feel better at the end of the day.

Then I will give you three simple but effective tips that will improve your day from the moment you start applying them.

So let´s go for it.


Advance the clock a Little and get up an hour earlier, prepare for an appropiete attitude for the day

Even if you´ve already heard this advice, think about whether you´re really doing it or not. The question is that it is important to get up a Little earlier. And, what happens is that when you go to sleep a Little earlier and then get up earlier too, you wake up your mind and body in a natural way. That is, one wakes up at the same time as the day does. And this makes it easier to have the right attitude to face the day.

The practice of meditation or yoga at dawn facilitates acquiring the appropriate attitude that allows to balance the mind and the body. And his allows you to enter a calm mood that should not be altered excessively throughout the day. To this mental and physical higiene, you have to accompany a healthy breakfast that includes fruit, carbohydrates and dairy products. Today, there are all kinds of products, which are adapted to the consumer including those that do not have gluten or refined sugars.

Getting up early also allows time to plan the day and arrive on time to how many activities one has committed. And there is nothing that stresses more than the fact of being late or in a bad mood to the appointments of the day.

Once one has managed to include in the daily routine the fact of getting up a earlier, you can continue with the second tip.


Do what you like least first, to prepare your mind for what really matters

It is a fact that we all have preferences, so that what one likes more to do, another likes less. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so the recommendation is to start first what you like least. Do it as follows.

📝 At work

There are always tasks that you like less and it costs a lot to carry out. Thus, some people are not interested in filing and ordering, others dislike looking for information to fill their agendas, and others detest talking on the pone. Well, do what it costs you more to do before, and you will see the difference when you see your mind clear and ready to focus on what really matters.

📝 In daily living, with family, Friends or couple

In living together there are always obligations or needs that cost more to carry out. Thus, some people dislike doing household chores, others discuss sensitive issue and others respect common agreements. So, stop procrastinating and face first what it costs you so much to do. You will see how that facilitates coexistence and therefore, improve your mental and emotional health.

📝 On the personal level

There are people who like to eat healthy or exercise. But others have a harder time carrying out these healthy habits. So, if you have trouble eating fruit or vegetables, take them earlier in your meals than what you like the most. Or if you have trouble exercising, go to the gym first thing in the morning and so the rest of the day you can relax. At this personal level, it is also recommended to reserve a moment a day for oneself, in which one allows oneself to do what really like the most.

The two previous tips will allow you to optimize your day in terms of planning and organization. Well, the last tip is more psychological than organizational. And thanks to it, you can optimize your planning and at the same time, not end jup exhausted at the end of the day.

Maintain an optimal mental and physical state, avoiding vain discussions or with unclear intentions

It is not convenient for you to never get involved in vain discussions, which are those whose objectives are not healthy or necessary. At this point, theres is no posible justification, or reasons to get hooked with people who seem to want to spoil your day. So don´t let anyone make you lose the state of peace, balance and inner satisfaction you have reached.

To avoid the above, it is convenient to select very well the information to which attention is paid, not to take anything personally, as well as carefully choose your own words and actions, so that they exteriorize your new and healthy physical and mental state.

And here my three tips that can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your days. If you want more information or guide, you can contact me in the comments below or by private message.

Thank´s for Reading, and I hope you have an amazing start of the week! 😄☕✨


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