In the mind there are areas of lights – conscious part- but also shadows – unconscious part. Thus, the área of lights is everything that one thinks and knows that thinks, and the part that one feels and knows that feel. This is what is called conscious mind, and you use it to solve everyday issues. For its part, the shadow zone is the unconscious. This área is everything that keeps the norms, ideas and precepts which one has been educated, as well as the emotional reaction to living experiences. There is not definite line that separates both parts, since it involves conscious or unconscious mental states.

What explains that sometimes one cannot continue advancing as one would like in life, is that the unconscious part influences the decisions that one make in the conscious part.

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In the mind there are light zones – the conscious part- and the shadows zones – the unconscious part-. There is no definite line between the two because they are mental states, influencing the unconscious in the conscious.

The crucial thing to progress is knowing how to make the right decisions that allow one to choose the next goal, how to get there, and how to solve the obstacles that appear. And for This, unconscious issues must be resolved, since everything that one does not face, acquires relevance and power in one´s own existence.

Hence the important thing is to know well to know oneself, identificy the own values, and establish what is the next step to continue with the growth itself. To do This, it is convenients to find out if one has mental or emotional issues that could correspond to past reactions or thoughts that haven´t been assimilate at the time, and actually slow down our progress.

For this, whoever is interested will be able to access my article next week, in which I will make available my program to unlock possible knots in your conscious that prevent you from continuing to progress.

The point is that learning to accept external and internal realities is something that nobody teaches us to do. But it is something to decisive in our success that these skills must be learned at some point in life.

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There is much more in one´s unconscious mind than what at this momento creates its conscious part

When you learns to program your mind in the proper way, you begin to generate self-acceptance and unconditional love for everything you are and represent. And in this way, you cant start to embrace your own values in a more natural way and start making decisions more alined with those values.

Applied to the field of personal development, reprogramming allows you to develop your mind to its full potential. And in this way, keep learning and improving throughout your life. But for this, it is necessary to address those possible knots or conflicts that have formed in the unconscious, resolve and integrate them with the rest of the mind.

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To lead a life of continuous learning, you must first resolve the mental and emotional knots of the unconscious

When dissonances occur between the conscious and unconscious part, apear the so-called limiting beliefs. These occur at the confluence of what is wanted and what is usually achieved in the end. And the greater this discrepancy, the more negatively this type of beliefs will restrict the field of action.

You can avoid this disharmony trying to minimize the power of what you cover, by giving light to it, and integrating it into your conscious mind. And as the unconscious becomes known, everything that has not been integrated or assimilated at the time, can be interpreted and given a new meaning from a current approach.

Hence the crucial thing of knowing yourself well, so that you can remember what you have lived, how did you lived it, and how to integrate them in the present moment. An integration that could leave nothing behind. This will allow you to assimilate what you do not know about yourself in a more realistic schemes that would work for you here and now.

As son as you begin to assimilate your past into a more realistic experience and in accordance with the present, there will be more agreement between the known and unknown mind. And when you begin to make more adjusted decisions to who you are, your own values and vital project grow. And these chosen options will increase your motivation and freedom to achieve them.

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If one sets medium-level objectives, it is not possible to progress at a higher level. Therefore, everyone has to choose their own goals, even if they are complex and difficult

The previous inconsistency implies that the mind itself is not prepared to make the most appropiate decisions for who you are, your values and expectations. Therefore, as one identifies and unlocks these inconsistent experiences, the usual conditioning will stop restraining one´s development.

Next, I will share with you three clues that would indicate a lack of identification of your known mind to what you do not know. There would be more keys, but these are the crucial ones.

The three keys are as follows.

First clue. You can´t get your goals done

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Decisions are made a few seconds earlier at the unconscious level than in conscious thinking. So when there are inconsistencies between the two, the ability to follow the chosen option decreases.

Second clue. You lack security.

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Lack of self-confidence occurs when conscious values do not coincide with unconscious ones

Thus, you would like to reach your goals having full confidence in yourself and your possibilities, but yoyu don´t just trust you. This happens when what has been transmitted to you – or you think so- by your environment has been rejection or other ideas than yours.

Third clue. You don´t set the right goals

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You set more affordable goals when what you really want to do gets complicated

Actually, although you would like to be able to set long-range goals, you usually stay on the Surface and not go beyond. And, as son as the goal gets complicated, you usually retire. This occurs when one is programmed to reach affordable goals that can coincide – or not- with the ones you want to reach in this moment of your life.

If this is what happens to you, in my article next week, I will put at your disposal a program that will allow you to unlock your unconscious mind and start seeing results. At this moment, I give you three tips that you can start putting into practice from now on.

The three tips are.

First. Know yourself

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Tu unlock, the first thing to do is to know your own strengths and weaknesses and integrate both

To do this, make a list where you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Also, put your virtues, values and what you like and don´t like about yourself. Try to be as objective as possible, as well as not judging what you want to improve on yourself.

Second. Make an action plan

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Establish our own action plan that fits you and what you want

Based on your strengths and those you want to strengthen, commit to carrying our an effective action plan. This plan will allow you to develop what you are good at, and improve on what you not.

Third. Start practicing

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Start putting into practice everything you already know about yourself. Thus, you can reach your goals naturally

To do this, start thinking about goals that you can reach with little effort, until you reach the ones you really want. But try to make it as progressive as possible, to make sure that you will not leave when difficulties come.

Each person has their own baggage and ideas, so no one can tell you what to do with your life. This is why you should consider these three tips only as keys that could help you to know yourself better. And, if you decide so, start deprogramming what is no longer useful for you.

And remember that only you can choose your own path to success.

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Choose your own path to success

Thanks for Reading. I hope this have been useful and it is being a nice monday. As always, you can comment here or by private message! 😄☕✨


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