It is possible to achieve all that you deserve, but first there are some issues that you would need to reprogram inside your mind

In this article, I am sharing with you a program to increase your capability to success by reprogramming your own mind. The issue is that succeding is not a state. It is a process in which you have to learn to choose the right options. The problem is that your unconscious mind make your own decisions before you do.

Succeding is a process in which yoy have to learn to choose the right options

To clarify how your mind works, there are two parts in there. One part is the conscious which is who you think you are. On the other part, is the unconscious which is who you really are, or the permissions that you give to yourself to be who you really are. The way to improve your achievements is trying to fit both parts of your mind in a healthy whole.

The conscious is who you think you are, and the unconscious is who you really are

You can achieve the above, reprogramming your mind in four areas that should have to correlate in reality.

This four areas are:

🎫 EXTERNAL IMAGE should be the reflection of SELF STEEM.

🎫 BEHAVIOURS should be congruent with VALUES.

🎫 GOALS that one want to achieve, should fit with the own life PURPOSE.

🎫 FEELINGS should be easily recognized by your SELF PERCEPTION.

The four areas of the conscious and unconscious mind should fit

You can improve the congruence between the conscious and unconscious mind, by the energy self awareness method. I will talk about it in my video, and also in my new book. My book it is abouit energy and its application to the human mind. You will be able to find in it, some secrets to succeed by using your own energy.

By the energy self awareness method, you can attract success to your life.

Now, you can whatch my video. Please, leave comments down below or by private. In a future article I will share with you an instrument to evaluate the kind of energy you tend to generate, so that you can improve it and use it for your own good. So that´s all for today, I hope you like my video and you can learn something interesting about your energy from it.

Thank you and have a nice week! ☕✨

Reprogram your mind for success


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