In times of extreme gravity like this one, try to maintain adequate Mental and Emotional Hygiene

Every afternoon we go out to the balcony at eight o´clock at night, to give a minute´s applause to health personnel, as well as those who have to leave their houses during this serious and worrying pandemis that spreads like poisoned air.

As a psychologist, this whole situation seems to me to be a catastrophic one, but not – or not only- pshysical, but above all, a mental and emotional one. We are now in a moment of serious and worrying pandemic, so the physicial is the first thing to take care of. However, we should not forget the mental and emotional state in which we are all. So the first thing to take care of is your mental reality. Because everything starts in the mind, including the emotional issue.

Here, we are in a State of Emergency. The ask us to stay at home. So please, we need to stay at home to stop this. Everyone should share and make reality the hanstag #Istayhometoo. Together we will stop contagion with a lot of effort, patience and being responsable. But we should also start to stop the mental and emotional spread of fear.

Share the hanstang#Istayathometoo

We don´t need Fear, but Faith and Positivity. And work all toguether, each one from this position, to achieve that this situation remit. In life, there are many small details that are worth being grateful for, and enjoying with. And each little thing, every moment, counts. So whatever your misión is now, continue doing things with grace, hope and faith. Mainly if your mission is to stay home. It is not necessary to paralyze your own life, or to fill it with activities. Why dónt we try just to keep living. Keep flowing. And continue fighting – even in the distance- for your Dreams and Goals.

This is still Life. And everything out there is waiting for us when we will able to go out. Yes. I know it´s not funny to stay at home, but Do you know what is the saddest thing? Not to take advantage of everything that is inside you. Take care of your people, but why not going back to you. To your own mind, to your own soul, rediscovering who you are, and being closer to your wonderful interior that is so worth knowing and going through. Don´t lose this opportunity.

Remember. This moment is still life. Your life. Don´t waste it. So have to much courage and valor. And a big applause for those of you who have now the mission to stay at home. Cheer up. Together we will overcome this.

An applause also for those who are at home. Together we will overcome this


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