When this is all over, exhaustion, and extreme tiredness  will come. And all of this will come after the sustained effort that every one is making now. Now, all of us are focusing on resisting, doing things as well as possible to avoid getting ill and being in a good mood for as not transmitting negativity to others.

When this is all over, we will no longer be who we were before. Because it is not possible to continue being who one was, after seeing so much misfortune and difficulty everywhere. And not being able to do anything to remedy it. Seeing life in all its hashness is a difficult lesson t olive and assimilate.

 When this is all over, there will be no choice but to make some individual and global reflection. It is is incredible to believe that there are still places on the planet in the middle of this century, whose sanitary conditions are so deficient as to be breeding ground for the disease, desolation and death of so many people.

When this is all over, children around the world will have been silent witnesses of one of the worst world scenarios that can be, after a war. And who knows how they will be living all this and how they will be depositing it in their unconscious. How children will value the circumstances that have led us to this. We will know in a few years.

When this is all over, a New Age will come. A historic new momento of renewal. And there will be a before and after the big pandemic that devastated the entire world in the twenty-first century. And this will make us realice that we should have listened to those who had spent years explaining that if something unexpected happened, no one was going to be prepared. And no one has been prepared. As we are seeing and feeling.

When this is all over, we will have learned the hard way, that what happened was that we had our values changed. And that what we valued above – money, power or walth – was just what had to be underneath. And finally we will assimilate that this must translate into a transformation towards a new society. A more caring, more collaborative society, with broader thonking, and more focused on the future and less in simply living the present how it comes. A new practice of values that an overwhelming majority is already demonstrating how to put them into practice.

  At this moment, there are already many people – those who are not sick or have sick people at home -, who already are thinking about what will happen next.

The day after.

When This Is All Over.

Pd.- Dedicated to all medical staff, to those who are working to move the economy forward and to those who are no longer here. Hope they rest in peace. And to you, who are standing still, I deserve you courage, strength and a lot of health. All of you have a nice week!😘🙌


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