The Nature surrounded by a City

Madrid is empty during these days. So, there are no traffic jams, no noise, or not environmental pollution. And for the first time in many years, birds can be clearly heard. Even in some places, animals have started to roam freely on empty streets and roads.

In any case, I just discovered that in Madrid there were no areas with nature, but a city in the middle of nature. What you can live today here is a resurrection of what was here before the humans – all of us-invaded everything whith the cars, buildings and the chaos and noise that usually accompanies our human being.

What you can see today is the Nature surrounded by a City, that allows herself the luxury of singing. The thing is that, as long as people remain confined, nature can wake up and Be Herself again.

Soon, we will start going out again. I hope that after all that has happened, we have learned something. Like the need of balance between the human race and nature. Surely it has been like that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice week!☕☀🌟


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