Before it all started, everything seemed to fall into place.

  Our lives were made up of pieces embedded in a perfect puzzle.

   The most authentic and vibrant emotions were part of our reality.

   Our lives were part of the Whole that finally had opened to welcome us.

    Relations between us were hopeful, constructive and tremendously fun.

     We were progressively fulfilling our Project and goal Agenda.

     Our Reality was beginning to be what we had always dream of. We really had a great future ahead of us.

     What has happened has broken all of the above.

      Only that, in reality, it was not.

We don´t come from Perfection, Positive, Harmony, Love or Progress

This Crisis has not broken Perfection, Positive Emotions, Harmony, Love or Progress.

   Is was not the wind that has thrown into the air the letters of a Full Life.

   It has not destroyect Perfection because any piece fit.

   It has not prevented Love from continuing because in reality, this was the use, the trick, and the lie.

    It has not stopped Ambition because it was being buried between demands, urges and haste that did not correspond to it.

    The day to day was not harmonious, but full of contradictory emotions that were being buried in the unconscious.  In fact, there was no time to feel them.

     The crisis has not broken any house of cards, but has scattered the ashes or a reality that never had a reality. And if it was, it was only to build what we do have today.   

And today is the Future. Because there is no longer that precipice in which to stumble, fall or crash. But a Universe that shows the new keys that will allow to anticipate what will happen.

Today you can see the new clues. You only have to look around

    Because the crisis has not only been external, but also internal. Circumstances have pushed humanity into the abyss.

  Only there is no such abyss, but only reality. 

   The reality that living is not a plateau, but an incomprehensible and sometimes  irreversible  succession of abysses and mountains and more or less high precipices.

  The reality that the Soul cannot live in the present, but remain open to new planes and evolutions.

   Because life itself is just life itself and does not have to fit in with any other reality.

    Because Ambition is something spiritual and not tangible. It is the projection of an unconscious full of certainties, not imitations.

   And because Life is also pain, disease and death.

    Life just is.Interests are. And sometimes everything is mixed with excessive hardness. And only the Consciousness of those who understand this, allous evolution.

   That is why we are the ones who have entered into crisis.

   The rest, is just what it is.

We have entered into crisis. Reality is only what it is.

In my particular crisis, I have lost and I have won.

   I lost uncertainty, falsehood, unfounded fears, and false expectations.

   And I have gained in wisdom, authenticky, appreciation and in being me.

   The freedom to Know and Be. This is the greatness of the human being. And the evolution to which every internal crisis must lead.

Thank you for Reading.

If you want me to write about This issue or another one, let me know here or by private.

Have a nice week! ☕✨


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